How I Totally Ended My Embarrassing Mouth Odor (Halitosis) For Life

If you are reading this, there is 100% chance you are;

1. tired and frustrated about your embarrassing mouth odor that never goes away

2. frustrated about the huge amount of money and time wasted on mouthwashes, dentist appointments and all other solution-promising treatment that never works.

3. tired of the ridicule this embarrassment has brought to you.

4. you are tired of the stigmatization that this embarrassing disease has given you.

5. you are fed up of being a compulsory introvert and you are almost thinking getting rid of this embarrassment totally is impossible.

I also know you are desperate for permanent solution to this abnormality, because it has/is reducing your self esteem, turned you to compulsory introvert as you are scared and ashamed of the odor that will ooz out of your mouth if you talk. You don’t have to feel bad at all, because i know exactly how you feel. (9 years of type 2 halitosis that cost me my relationship)

In the next few minutes, I will be showing you the only way to TOTALLY treat this embarrassing disease naturally without any sign of future occurrence.

NOTE!! The only way to Totally treat mouth odor is to treat the ROOT CAUSE of mouth odor. (if the root cause of mouth odor is not tackled, no amount of mouthwash will cure this embarrassment)

What People Say About Mouth Odor Patients

The general misconception people make about mouth odor patients is that they are dirty, they don’t brush their teeth regularly, they are this, they are that… hence, they’ll say to get rid of mouth odor, brush your tooth twice daily (in the morning and at night), use mouthwash regularly, and all sort of things which i believe you have tried (if not all, then most). But if i may ask you, with all these treatment you have tried, has the mouth odor gone? when you keep quiet for a while and you later decide to talk, does your mouth smell nice? or when you wake up in the morning, does your breath smell fresh? By now, you’ll understand it goes beyond mouthwash and brushing of teeth twice daily.

As a matter of fact, i want you to understand that you are not the only one suffering this terrible embarrassment, thousand of people had suffered it in time past, hundreds of thousands are suffering it right now, and millions will still suffer it in time to come. is this a good news? you might want to ask, NO it is not, in fact, it is a terrible one, but you know where it gets worse? only 5% of the people suffering this embarrassment gets totally treated yearly. the remaining 95%? they will keep spending fortunes on mouthwash and dentist appointment without any reasonable solution because they are treating the symptoms instead of the ROOT CAUSE. unfortunately, i was among the 95% before i came across this solution i’m about to show you.

That been said, let’s get to the reason we are here… How to End Mouth Odor forever.

Before we talk about this total treatment, it is important we talk about the causes of mouth odor, so you can know the best way to tackle the root cause

Causes of Mouth Odor

The causes of mouth odor are grouped based on the type of mouth odor. how do i mean? you might want to ask.

Type 1 Halitosis (mouth odor) is caused by poor oral hygiene like not brushing your teeth regularly, not brushing after the intake of alcohol and so on, which in your case is not the cause, but if you think it is the cause of your mouth odor, then i will suggest you start brushing you teeth daily and maintaining good oral hygiene. But you might want to say “i brush my teeth regularly, in fact twice daily, i don’t even drink alcohol yet my mouth still stinks” there’s no doubt about it, you suffer type 2 halitosis.

Type 2 Halitosis (mouth odor) is the major cause of the killer odor that comes out of your mouth regardless of your brand of mouthwash or the number of times you brush your teeth daily (because if it’s not the cause of your mouth odor, you would have gotten solution to it by only brushing of your teeth). Type 2 Halitosis is caused by the decayed undigested food in your intestine.

NOTE: Not all the food we eat get digested or get out of our system as excreta, some of them clogs around the walls of our intestines, thereby giving room for bacteria to act on them.

Bacteria feeds on these decayed foods in the walls of your intestines, and thereby breeds odor out from your intestine directly to your lungs and finally to your mouth. that’s why your mouth will keep smelling regardless of how clean your mouth is.

You might want to say but i have used different brand of mouthwash but my mouth still stinks why?

If you will agree with me, the mouthwash you are used to are just for gagging in the mouth and never for drinking because they are not naturally made (they are synthetically manufactured). That is why you are advised to spit it out after gagging in your mouth, because if you swallow it after gagging in your mouth, it will harm you and leave you in a worse condition, causing you to treat more terrible diseases in addition to the mouth odor. For you to get rid of mouth odor totally, you need a detoxicant that will detoxify your system after gagging in your mouth and also wash out the decayed undigested food in your intestine as both urine and excreta.

Tested and Trusted

Getting rid of type 2 halitosis is beyond what mouthwashes can cure. to get rid of this embarrassment totally, the decayed undigested foods in the intestine have to be flushed out using this powerful detoxifying therapy.
Dr Chris

Coming from another person

How I Permanently Treated My Embarrassing Mouth Odor in 28 Days

Must Read

NOTE!! This is where the solution is…

My name is Isaac, 37 years of age, a husband and an expectant father. I got married 2 years ago at 37 years of age, not because i was broke or wasn’t ready for marriage, because of what then? MOUTH ODOR, and it messed me up deeply. It all started when i was 26 years, i noticed the foul smell from my mouth and i thought it was tooth decay, my parents fix an appointment with the dentist for me, which he confirmed it was not tooth decay, but he suggested i brushed my tooth twice a day (in the morning and in the night after meal), which i did holistically for months but without improvement. it got worse when i was given medical leave at work to go sort out my halitosis issues, after 3 weeks i was meant to resume work but i could not, that was when i knew i was in deep mess. 2 months into the medical leave, i was already out of job, by now you should know what had happened to my girlfriend.

I started walking around with mints and fear of talking to people. after series of money wasting appointments with the dentist and hundreds of thousands spent on different brand of mouthwash, my breath got worse. I was at a new dentist appointment when i met a MRS JULIA at the hospital, she is a survival of halitosis. I thought my condition was worse till she shared hers with me, Bad breath almost destroyed her marriage. She was the one that told me my mouth is not the cause of my mouth odor but the decayed undigested food inside my intestine is the cause of the killer odor coming out of my mouth. afterwards, she told me the natural therapy to use and where to get it, which i did and in exactly 2 weeks, i noticed drastic changes, after 1 month, i stopped going around with mints and my mouth odor became a thing of the past.

Your next question should be what’s this natural therapy? before i tell you what this therapy is, i want you to

1. take note of the kind of odor that comes out of your mouth,

2. in exactly 2 weeks after using this therapy, i want you to ask your friend or family member to examine your breath, plead with them to be sincere with you, tell them you are going through treatment and you need their comment on the improvement.

By now, you will be screaming for joy

But don’t stop there!! at the completion of this therapy which is 28 days, go to your dentist for check up. You will be surprised because he will ask you what you used to get rid of your halitosis in that short period.

As promising as this therapy is, i don’t want you to take my word for it. take a look at what people are saying about this therapy.

Coming from Mrs Esther, Kaduna

After spending several thousands on dentist's appointment without desired result, i opted for mouthwashes which didn't have any effect on the odor. i'm 3 weeks into this therapy, and my husband no longer complain about the foul smell.
Mrs Esther
Lots of money has been spent on mouthwash without reasonable changes. of a truth the mouthwash i used reduced the odor, but just for few hours. After about 5 hours of using the mouthwash, my mouth will start smelling again. this lasted till i used this detoxicant to detoxify my system. it is been 7 months now, and i've not experienced mouth odor.
Dabo Martins

Coming from Mr Dabo, Lagos

If i had known about this therapy a long time ago, i'd have saved myself enough embarrassment and money. for 17 years, my mouth smelled like a rotten egg, no brand of mouthwash that i didn't buy coupled with series of dentist appointments and mints without cure. But i started noticing changes 16 days into the usage of this therapy, and at then completion of the dosage, my mouth odor totally disappear.
Mr charles
Civil servant

As a matter of fact, i am sure you must at one point or the other been to google and search for ways to get rid of mouth odor, and you are pissed at what you found online. Some of the websites will advise you stay away from from certain foods and some will say you brush your teeth regularly (who doesn’t know this in the first place?), some of the website will even bombard you with loads of jargon as solution, leaving you in a confused state, making you frustrated and making your effort look like a waste of time.

Amidst all these confusing, promise-failing treatments that wastes your time, money and leaves you in a bad state than you were, i have a good news for you…

You don’t need them to get rid of this embarrassing mouth odor because

You don’t need them because mouth odor total treatment has been found long time ago (since 1978 to be precise) that’s 41 years ago, but it was hidden. The truth is that some of your doctor knows about this treatment, but they will never tell you about it, why would they do that? you might want to ask..

Now, let’s assume your dentist or doctor told you about this natural detoxicant and you used it and it worked for you, your mouth odor is gone and you got your fresh breath back, would you go back for any doctor’s appointment as regards mouth odor again? if you don’t go for doctors appointment, how do you expect them to stay in business? think about it!!


This is not to tell you to disregard doctors appointment, but just to give you an eye opener as regards your oral health.

If i'm right, your next question should be what is this therapy?


1. Forever Bee Propolis (1)

Why this?

Bee Propolis also known as bee glue is an extract from honey bee, it is an important supplement in dentistry because of its exotic constituents that functions as antibacteria, antifungi, antiviral, anti-inflammatory in the oral cavity thereby terminating the effects of fungi and bacteria on leftover foods in the mouth after meal that breeds odor in the mouth, also functioning as natural fillers to decayed tooth in the process.

2. Aloe Tooth Gel (3)

Why this?

Forever bright Aloe vera tooth gel has been proven by medical scientists that it does what most toothpastes don’t do, which is to eliminate disease-causing bacteria in the mouth. The ability of aloe vera tooth gel to do that successfully has been a point of contention for some dental professionals. The study compared the germ-fighting ability of aloe vera tooth gel to two commercially popular toothpastes and revealed that the tooth gel was just as effective — in most cases more effective — as the commercial brands at controlling cavity-causing organisms. Aside its special functions, it is highly recommended above other conventional tooth pastes because it doesn’t contain sugar which is not good for the teeth unlike other tooth pastes.

below is a report from science daily website stating the power of aloe vera gel in fighting mouth odor causing bacteria.

3. Aloe Vera Gel (1)

Why this?

Aloe vera gel simultaneously work as mouthwash and detoxicant. Aloe vera gel is able to achieve these because it is a natural supplement, which makes it consumable. After gagging with it in your mouth to wash the mouth, you also drink it to detoxify and flush out the decayed undigested food in your intestine thereby reducing the ability of the bacteria to breed foul odor.


Certified by all certification bodies in Nigeria.

A QUICK ONE: do you know that when we you sleep, the activities of the bacteria doubles because there is no activity in the mouth, thereby activating and doubling the effect of bacteria on the undigested food in the intestine and the remnants in the mouth? that’s why your breath smells worse when you wake up.

How is This Different From What I've Been Using? this would be my next question if i was you...

Unarguably, your mouthwashes, mints and gums does a good job by masking your mouth odor for as long as your money can take you. But one thing is that no amount of mint and mouthwash will completely end your mouth odor. Your mouthwash, mints and the other treatment will only wash off the odor in the mouth for how long? 2hours? 4? 5? 10?, the truth is that your mouth will still smell again, which means you have to constantly go about with mouthwash and mints, for how long? for as long as your money can take you and most times for the rest of your life.

These therapy on the other hand will;

  1. Serves as mouthwash to wash out the remnants in your mouth and end the activities of the bacteria in your mouth.
  2. Fill all the cavity hole (if there’s any).
  3. Prevent and correct tooth decay.
  4. End the activities of bacteria both in your mouth and intestine.
  5. Eliminate the need for mints and mouthwash that never works.
  6. Eliminate the chance of embarrassment.
  7. Detoxify your entire system.
  8. Eliminates unwanted toxins in your body.
  9. Flush out decayed undigested food in your intestine.
  10. Eliminate and prevent any future occurrence of mouth odor.
  11. Restore your breath to the natural fresh breath it used to be before the start of this embarrassing mouth odor.
Where and how to get this therapy should be your next question if i am correct.
Anyways, you don’t have to stress and trouble yourself on how to get this therapy because it can be delivered to your doorstep FREE OF CHARGE and PAYMENT ON DELIVERY SERVICE.

How Much Does it Cost?

Before i tell you the amount and where to get it cheaper at the promo price, let me ask you these few questions, and i want you to answer them sincerely.

  1. How long have you been suffering from this embarrassing mouth odor?
  2. How much have you spent on mouthwash and doctor’s appointment?
  3. How long and how much do you think you will spend to manage this embarrassment for life if you don’t find a permanent solution to this embarrassment?
  4. How much embarrassment are you willing to endure for the rest of your life?

If you think deeply about the embarrassment, shame and ridicule this terrible disease has brought upon you together with the time and money that has been wasted as result of problem-managing treatment you are used to, which in the long run leave your breath worse than it was, you will realize this ONE-TIME cost is nothing compared to the freedom, good health and high self esteem this therapy is going to give you.

Another Testimony.


This Offer Expires in Less Than 24 Hours.

How and Where Can I Get This Therapy? this should be your next question if i’m right..

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to rack and trouble your brain on how and where to get this therapy as it can be delivered to your house at;

Maybe you’re the skeptical type like me, and you are doubting the efficiency of this therapy, and you are thinking what if it doesn’t work for you? you are totally right to think that way as i’ve thought that way in time past. But the right question you should be asking is that what if it works for me? what if at the end of the treatment, your embarrassing mouth odor is gone? which we believe it will because it has worked for people in time past and it is still working for people. we have records of patients it worked for and we can’t wait to receive yours too.

100% satisfaction

If with all that’s been said, you are still skeptical about it, there is 30 days 100% money back guarantee. This means that at the end of days, if it doesn’t work for you, your money will be refunded in full.

100% 30 days money back guarantee

How to claim a refund

  1. The receipt that would be issued to you will serve as evidence for refund, 
  2. Empty bottles of the products will be taken alongside the receipt that was issued together with a report from your dentist/doctor to the nearest forever living office around you, and your refund will be made immediately. (the office address will be made available to you by the follow up agent that will be assigned to you when you make a purchase)

Below is example of how your receipt will look like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Does this therapy have side effect?

ANS: NO, it doesn’t have any side effect whatsoever. the supplements in this therapy are made from natural occurring fruits and herbs, which make them consumable unlike the other synthetically made treatments.

Ques: How long do i have to take this therapy to get total treatment?

ANS: As a matter of fact, you start noticing changes after two weeks of usage, and you get totally treated at the completion of the dosage, provided you follow the prescribed dosage plan.

Ques: Do i have to keep buying this therapy on a regular basis?

ANS: NO, you don’t have to keep buying this therapy. as a matter of fact, this one time purchase is enough to get total treatment, but should in case you need to buy any extra purchase (which will be several months after your first purchase because it is very effective) you won’t be buying for this price anymore, as provision has been made available for 30% discount for any purchase after your first one.

Ques: How long does it take before i get my package when i make order?

ANS: Deliveries takes between 24 to 72hours which is between 1 to 3 days after order.

Ques: How is the payment option like?

ANS: Payment is done on delivery, that is, you onlyu pay when you get your package in your hands.


Ques: Is there anyone i can talk to for further clarifications?

ANS: Yes there is, call or chat on whatsapp 09071119521

Ques: How many products should i expect?

ANS: The package will contain 3 Aloe tooth gel, 1 bee propolis, 1 Aloe vera gel. making a total of 5 products.

Ques: How do I make order?

Kindly fill the form below correctly

Please, crosscheck your details to be sure they are correct before you submit.

Mouth Odor Therapy Order Form

This Offer Expires in Less Than 24 Hours.

You can decide to walk away from this opportunity to get it at the discounted price now, but 2 things will definitely happen;

  1. you will go back to your treatment that has failed you over and over again, and keep spending money to maintain this embarrassment instead of treating it totally by addressing the root cause.
  2. you will come back to make a purchase because you will later come to realize that the already proven-to-fail solutions you went back to are total waste of time and money. we will send your products when you make a purchase, but this time, it won’t be for this promo price anymore but for the normal price which is N 48,000. In addition to this, you will be paying for the delivery, which is N 3,500, meaning you will spend a total of N 51,500 instead of N 35,000 just like this woman below. 

Take the bold step, fill the form and let’s help you kill this embarrassment before it rips you off the little self esteem you have left.

This offer ends in less than 24 hours